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Brooks Hard Seltzer

As clean and fresh as an ice-cold mountain stream. It's low in calories and uses no artificial sweeteners and only the finest natural fruit flavorings. The result? A moment of pure refreshment. Brooks blends gluten-free vodka, natural fruit flavorings, and spring water into a unique and premium seltzer. Each can contain only 94 calories, 1.8 grams of sugar, and no artificial flavorings which makes it a healthier alternative to beer or cider. 1 case sold = 1kg of plastic cleaned from the environment!

Brooks Dragon Granadilla

The Brooks hard seltzer Dragon Granadilla flavor can be described as a sweet, yet tropical and exotic flavor with a hint of tartness. The fruity and fresh taste is the perfect combination for a hot summer day.

Brooks Mango Marula

The Brooks hard seltzer Mango Marula flavor can be described as very tropical and almost fruit punchy alike. The golden yellow Mango meeting our South African local Marula is nothing less than an absolute pallet sensation.

Brooks Strawberry Kiwi

The Brooks hard seltzer Strawberry Kiwi flavor can be described as almost jam-like with a green freshness coming from the kiwi. The rich ripe strawberry meeting the green and fresh kiwi leads to a flavor pairing that is just perfectly in balance.

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