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A 3 year old whisky imported from the Scottish isles, blended with cinnamon from the exotic far-east, bottled in hand crafted glass from France and produced in South Africa. First bottled in 2004 using a family recipe it was produced in small batches and enjoyed by bearded men with a penchant for luxury, style and flavour in everything that they did. Over the years it slowly became more popular with both men and women who fell in love with its spicy aromas’s and silky finish.

Cinderwood Cinnamon Whisky

Made using a blend of the finest quality grain and malt whiskies, which are expertly blended with natural cinnamon flavor and other secret ingredients to create a delicious and warming cinnamon whisky liqueur. Perfect for sipping on its own or for mixing in a variety of cocktails and mixed drinks, with a deep amber color and a smooth and velvety texture, which makes it a pleasure to drink.

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