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El Tequileno

Our founder, Don Jorge Salles Cuervo, Descended from the most renowned of the tequila families. Tequila had always been part of his name and part of his life. Having spent almost two decades producing tequila, the time had come for him to pursue his dream and start his own tequila. That day was new years 1959.

Reposado Rare

Introducing the world's first Reposado Rare, an exclusive limited-release tequila. Crafted from coveted 100% Blue Agave and mineral-rich water from El Volcan de Tequila, it ferments naturally with yeast influenced by 150-year-old mango trees. With an aroma of vanilla, honey, black pepper, and cooked agave, and a taste featuring marzipan, light spiciness, sweet agave, and oak notes, it's best enjoyed neat in a specialized tequila glass. A rare gem of unmatched quality.


With an aroma of cooked agave, herbal hints, anise, and black pepper, it offers a slightly spicy, savoury taste with a delicate finish. Enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or as an exceptional addition to cocktails, particularly a sensational margarita.

Gran Reserva

El Tequileño Reposado Gran Reserva matures for a minimum of 8 months in American Oak and is skillfully blended with a touch of Añejo aged in the same barrels. This tequila offers perfect balance and exceptional character. Discover the aroma of banana, caramelized pear, nutmeg, vanilla, and caramel, along with a taste featuring light oak, vanilla, spiciness, toffee, and macadamia nuts. Savour it on the rocks or elevate your experience with a Mexican Old Fashioned.


El Tequileño Blanco, cherished by the people of Tequila, is a historical favourite and the key element in the renowned 'La Batanga' cocktail, crafted by Don Javier at La Capilla cantina. Its aroma boasts cooked agave, herbal hints, anise, and black pepper, while the taste is characterized by sweet cooked agave. Savor the tradition by relishing it in the iconic "La Batanga" Cocktail.

El Tequileno Reposado

El Tequileño Reposado, a 100% agave tequila aged for three months in American Oak, boasts a rich agave flavor profile. Its aromatic notes feature sweet agave tones with hints of vanilla, while the taste delivers cooked agave complemented by a dry finish and subtle oak nuances. Whether enjoyed neat or mixed into classic cocktails like margaritas or Palomas, El Tequileño Reposado offers a versatile and delightful tequila experience.

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