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Finery Handcrafted Gin

Finery was born out of the desire to create a local gin that could stand shoulder to shoulder with other premium products the world over. It was also inspired by the opulence of London’s Gin Palaces which first began to spring up in the 1820s. These large, opulent, and sometimes luxuriously furnished establishments were a lavish home away from home for gin aficionados. Finery is produced in small batches so as to guarantee exceptional quality and manufactured locally using only the finest ingredients.

Finery Pink Grapefruit

Fusing natural pink grapefruit and classic juniper botanicals, Finery hand crafted pink gin is a delicate and refreshing grapefruit flavoured gin.

Finery Cucumber

A splendidly fresh and crisp gin infused with natural cucumber and hints of juniper that round off a fantastic flavour. It is clear in colour with natural, fresh cucumber notes.

Finery Amber Elderflower

Think libraries filled with leather bound titles. Mahogany bookcases and the finest Persian rug. The amber hued infusion is the embodiment of South African elegance, bringing forth the timeless beauty of our country.

Finery Zero

Zero alcohol gin alternative brings the taste of a traditional craft gin with classic juniper botanicals.

Finery Bliss

Zero alcohol gin alternative infused with wild berries and subtle flavours of juniper.

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