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Langs Whisky

In 1861, after owning and running a successful public house in Glasgow, Gavin & Alexander Lang decided to take a somewhat risky step and went into business making and selling their own blended whiskies.

This legacy strongly lives on at Langs; we are still producing uncomplicated, tasty blended Scotch whisky for you to drink the way you enjoy. Mix it or drink it straight; it has always been, and will always be between you and your taste buds.

Langs Smooth & Mellow

We introduce the fine spirit of Langs to traditional oak barrels, and then we close the doors and turn out the lights. Some eager years later we tiptoe back in to blend something smooth, mellow, harmonious and delicious.

NOSE: Sweet vanilla toffee with pleasant spice.

PALATE: Creamy and warming with fruits and butterscotch.

FINISH: Long and complex.

Langs Rich & Refined

Some makers chill and filter the soul of a spirit just to prevent a little cloudiness when iced or watered. We say you're mature enough to prefer the rich, natural flavours of this untouched, full-bdied whisky - bottled at a generous 46% ABV.

NOSE: Rich malt, golden syrup, red apple and soft spice.

PALATE: Thick mouth feel, vanilla porridge, citrus and a robust sweetness.

FINISH: Gently drying with a crisp bite.

Langs Full & Smoky

If you're a whisky maker, it's the waiting that drives you mad. But you forget the years of tantalizing torment in a moment when you taste how soe of Scotland's fines single malts help create this peaty elixir with a lingering finish.

NOSE: Gentle sweetness, floral with citrus and subtle smoke.

PALATE: Peat smoke, rine, toffee, vanilla and heather.

FINISH: Dry with continued smoke.

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