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Since the 19th century Meukow Cognacs have been conceived with the objective to please the sophisticated tastes of cognac drinkers around the world. Starting with the first batch being made to satisfy Silesian royalty all the way to the consumers of the modern day.

All bottles are adorned with The Panther which has become the icon of the brand. This superb animal perfectly embodies strength, elegance and suppleness which are the intrinsic qualities of Meukow Cognacs.

Meukow VS

Characterized by its well-balanced blend between the roundness of its fruity notes and the delicacy of its woody nuances. Shining gold with copper tints. Fruity and spicy, notes of almond, candied orange, licorice and nutmeg.

Meukow VS Black Panther

The Black Panther bottle fully represents the values of the Meukow House and it’s cognacs. This unique piece is a celebration of the unique character of the eaux-de-vie selected by our cellar master.

Meukow VSOP

The remarkable quality of Meukow VSOP Superior was awarded several times in the most prestigious competitions and tastings around the world. Its incredible roundness is the fruit of the meticulous selection of eaux-die-vie used in its blend. The richness and delicacy of Meukow VSOP aromas, and the power of its mellow tannins are outstanding.

Meukow Icone

Meukow Icone is a special and unique blend to celebrate the 160' Anniversary of the Meukow House. Its perfect balance between elegance and roundness will be particularly appreciated straight on the rocks. The beautiful decanter with its panther embossed in the unique gold bottle symbolizes the high quality of this cognac as it is strong, smooth, and elegant at the same time.

Meukow XO Grande Champagne

Meukow XO Grande Champagne is an exclusive blend of Grande Champagne, first cru of Cognac. Harmonious and refined, the extremely well balanced cognac is characterized by its fruit and floral aromatic persistence, a signature trait of eaux-de-vie from Grande Champagne.

Meukow Wild Berry

This French liqueur infused with wild berry extracts has a sweet and fruity flavour profile. Characterised by sweetness, featuring blueberries, currants, blackberries, and wild berries, with a medium-long finish that combines sweet notes with herbal and fruity hints, including raspberries. Enjoy its pleasant sweetness and refreshing aroma in cocktails or served over ice.

Meukow Xpresso

Meukow Xpresso is a coffee and cognac liquor with a smoothness and sweetness that reveals powerful aromas of roasted coffee, burnt oak, dark chocolate and bitter orange. This liquor is best enjoyed frozen, in a cocktail and with desserts.

Meukow Arima

Meukow Arima Cognac: Soul of Cognac This special Cognac has been created as the signature blend of soca superstar Bunji Garlin. Aged for over four years in French oak, Meukow Arima Cognac uses eaux-de-vie from several grape growing areas, creating the perfect balance of elegance and roundness. Musician and producer Bunji Garlin is from Trinidad and Tobago, and has been at the forefront of reggae, soca and dancehall for decades.

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