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Panache Artisanal Syrups are a range of handcrafted syrups that can be used to sweeten and flavor drinks or food.

Panache Original

A versatile and all-natural syrup with a balance of sweetness and acidity, ideal for adding flavor to cocktails, sodas, teas, and more.

Panache Strawberry

A fruity and fresh syrup made with ripe strawberries and natural ingredients, perfect for adding a burst of sweetness and flavor to cocktails, lemonades, or desserts.

Panache Coconut

A tropical-inspired syrup made with real coconut and natural ingredients, perfect for adding a sweet and nutty flavor to cocktails, coffee, or desserts.

Panache Mojito Mint

A refreshing, and citrusy syrup infused with lime and mint, great for making classic mojitos or adding a zesty twist to other cocktails.

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