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It was during the Age of Enlightenment that the story of Maison Chanoine Frères took on its true significance, when it was granted royal permission to excavate the first cellars in Épernay and to no longer sell champagne in barrels, but in bottles. As true entrepreneurs, the Chanoine brothers toured the various courts of Europe to introduce others to their wines, at a time when the popularity of champagne was beginning to soar.

Chanoine Frères champagne was served at the tables of the very highest aristocracy, from the Court of the King of France to England, Germany and Imperial Russia.From 1787, Maison Chanoine Frères began to forge strong trade links with these royal courts, links that would endure over the centuries.

Drawing on its rich past, Maison Chanoine Frères wished to pay tribute to the bold and courageous young women of the Russian nobility who contributed to the international reputation of Champagne throughout the exciting century that was the Age of Enlightenment.

And so, Champagne Tsarine was born.

Tsarine Deni-Sec

With its golden hues, this cuvée dances with a chorus of delicate bubbles. It elegantly marries quince and fresh grape notes, evolving into hints of candied fruit with a gentle touch of spice. The result is a harmonious cuvée that seamlessly blends smoothness with refreshing vibrancy.

Tsarine Brut Rose

This cuvée's striking ruby-pink hue, marked by depth and brilliance, captivates the eye. Lively bubbles effervesce merrily, elevating this gourmet cuvée with enthusiasm. Aromas and flavours intertwine in a whirlwind of red fruits, featuring strawberry, redcurrant, and blackcurrant notes, lending strength and structure. The finish, long and refreshingly tart, awakens the senses, leaving a lasting impression of delight.

Tsarine By Adriana

In a brilliant amber hue, fine bubbles enliven this cuvée. It marries delicate peach and brioche aromas with hints of orange blossom, creating an expressive flavour profile. The palate delights with flavours of fruit jelly and hints of ginger, while the finish is both rich and wonderfully lively, leaving a lasting and delightful impression.

Tsarine Cuvee Premium Brut

This cuvée showcases subtle golden hues that exude brightness and elegance, with its delicate effervescence accompanied by a symphony of fine bubbles. Aromas gently unfold, revealing hints of hawthorn and orange. The palate is a harmonious fusion of citrus fruit, grapefruit, and clementine, artfully intertwined with white peach, delivering a lively and velvety texture. The culmination is a lightly saline finish, graced with delightful lemony notes, providing a truly pleasurable experience.

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